Cybersecurity Is Hard To Do

Hada Security Makes It Easy

Hada is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) specializing in cybersecurity-as-a-service.

How Does Adding Hada Security Help?

  • We Identify Existing Security Gaps

  • We Utilize Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Monitoring Tools

  • We Actively Respond To New Threats

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What Does Hada Mean?

Hada means "To Do" in Korean. It encapsulates how we help businesses "To Do" cybersecurity as quickly as possible.

Our Process

The Hada Way

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At Hada Security, our dedicated team is committed to staying one step ahead of cyber threats. We employ a proactive and multi-faceted approach to identify potential risks. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we continuously monitor network traffic, system logs, and user behavior to detect anomalies and suspicious activities.
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Once a cyber threat is identified, the Hada Security team springs into action to provide comprehensive protection for organizations. We deploy cutting-edge security solutions and implement real-time measures to fortify your systems.
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At Hada Security, our commitment to your organization’s security doesn’t end with immediate threat mitigation. Following the successful safeguarding of your environment, we continue to vigilantly monitor for potential issues on an ongoing basis.

How We Do It

Hada partners with cutting-edge security products to offer a full-service security operations center. Our team monitors external and internal activity to identify and respond to cyber threats.


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Who Is Hada Made For?

Hada is made for IT Teams and Business Owners of small to medium enterprises (SMEs). Hada delivers a single security solution that offloads remedial security tasks from your team to ours.


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Our Security Strategy

We Monitor For

  • Authentication – We identify malicious access to company applications

  • Cloud Data – Scan for cloud assets

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Email – Identify Spam, Phishing, or Malicious Attachments

  • Endpoint – Monitor Laptops, Desktops, and Servers for malicious downloads